November 16

How to Save Money on Gas

If you have been asking yourself how to save money on gas, this article will assist you with some answers. The highest cost to run a car is gasoline. Gas prices are the highest nowadays because of high global crude oil prices. Our options are either use a new form of transportation or use the current energy source more efficiently. To be more efficient, one of the most unique solution is to modify your car to run on water.

The idea of using water as an alternative source of energy is not new. Mankind has been using the potential power of water to generate energy through dams. To use water to power your car is to extract the hydrogen gas (H2) and divert it into the air intake of the engine. The extraction process is done through electrolysis.

An electrolysis device can easily be construction with parts available from a hardware store. A person with some technical and mechanical knowledge will be able to install the H2 system without much difficulty. The hydrogen is know as an “on demand” system meaning you only enable the electrolysis process when needed. When your car is idle, you can switch it off. The whole conversion is totally reversible and the only by product of the system is pure water discharged from the exhaust pipe.

After installing the system, some drivers claimed that their gasoline savings are as much as 20 percent. They also experienced less knocking of the engine and more power. This may be due to hydrogen gas being a highly flammable element.

If you own more than one car in your family, the effects of high gasoline prices is even greater. To keep to your monthly household budget, you can either travel less or be more efficient with your current energy usage. By using water as an alternative source of fuel, you have the potential to save thousand of dollar a year.

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November 16

A Guide on How to Save Money

So you want to know how to save money on energy bills? Well, the first and most popular way people tend to inflate parts of an energy bill is excessive ignorance. It’s simple. People are ignorant when they drive, when they use certain systems at home, and when they use energy in general. The very first thing you must conquer is the amount of energy you do. The mindset is where it starts.

Once you have that, all of this will be much easier. You know how much you use and where you need to cut some off. Now try to slowly restrict about 80% of your energy usage. A good amount would be no air conditioning, no television (books are good enough), no lighting during the day, and no unnecessary electricity usage. It sounds very mean or strict, but trust me it’s worth it.

A second way to save money (but put the stress on someone else) is to go to the library. Libraries often have computers and lights running whether or not people use them. It’s a little sketchy, but we’ll call it using what you have at hand.

Another thing you’ll want to invest in is your own solar grid or windmill to capture your own solar and wind energy. Don’t know how? No problem. Earth4Energy can teach you. It’s a guide that shows you more than enough ways to cut your energy costs up to 90% and save you thousands of dollars. You will be able to build your own solar grid and windmill. After reading this guide, it wouldn’t be so hard.

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November 14

How to Save Money on Plane Tickets

If you are truly interested in saving money on airline tickets then you have come to the right place. You see many big travel companies want you to think that they have the lowest rates that you can possibly get, but I am sure you know someone who has gotten an even better deal and you are wondering “how do they do it?” Well here I am about to share with you 3 tips that will show you how to save money on plane tickets like you never thought possible.

1. The first thing that can do is contact the airlines directly to see if they are running any specials that are not being announced to the public. This is not uncommon, as many times airlines will not want to spend the money on advertising such great deals. If you call the hotline just after midnight then you may be able to get some really special deals, since the systems will be recently updated shortly after midnight. This is a great tip that shows you exactly how to save money on plane tickets.

2. Another thing that you can do is see when flights for your destination are leaving. If you find a flight that leaves at a weird hour, then you may have found a great opportunity. Most people want to fly at normal times, so if you find a flight at a weird time chances are you can negotiate with the airlines in order to get a great deal.

3. The best tip that I have found in order to get great deals on airline travel is to know someone on the inside. A former employee can give you many secrets that the public just does not know, and this can save you hundreds of dollars. I found a guide online that showed me to save money on plane tickets, and it can show you too!

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November 13

How to Save Money on Your Bills

I want to Introduce you to something that you are probably not to familiar with. Solar energy! That’s right, energy from the sun! Its funny why we don’t really take advantage of the sun because all of us today could save some serious money on our bills! Let me tell you what it is all about. In this easy to follow step-by-step guide. Absolutely everything is covered! So do not worry if you do not know anything about obtaining energy from the sun.

In the first part of this guide is a real basic explanation on what solar energy is all about. How its obtained, why its so useful and all the components needed. The next part is about how to build solar panels, from functioning them, connecting all the panels together and also wiring but if the word “wiring” starts to sound tough then do not worry because it really isant! Easy & clear detailed diagrams and images are provided so that absolutely anyone can follow them with no problem at all! The next part is a real fun part because these guys have created a solar calculator! You will learn how to calculate how much power you will need to power your house and also learn how to save money!

Now if you thinking “this sounds a little complicated setting up a solar panel?” I can not stress this enough! ABSOLUTELY ANYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD CAN DO THIS! This course is so simple to follow! The guide also provides video training so you can watch real people do it so all you have to do is copy exactly what they are doing! Oh, and there is also fantastic email support if you have any questions!

I almost forgot to mention the bonuses! In the bonuses you shall receive a 7 video package to educate yourself on everything you need about solar power! This is a definite must have for you to complete change your attitude about solar power and how to save money on your bills in the future!

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