June 28

Saving Money Online This Summer

It’s summertime and the living is easy! Kids are home from school, the weather is hot but beautiful, and you’ve got lots of time on your hands. But do you have a lot of money on your hands as well? With vacation season upon us, you maybe looking for ways to save money on everyday items such as food, household goods, and clothing. If this is true for you, then you may benefit greatly from some of the advice offered in this article! These tips and tricks will help you spend less on a wide variety of products and services–and most of them can be accomplished online, from the comfort of your own home!

Groupon is a great way to find deals on all sorts of things! Not only do they offer slashed prices on products from camping gear to cosmetics, they also offer discounted rates for activities and attractions all over the country! Whether you’re planning a family kayaking and camping trip, looking for a awesome summertime outdoor concert, or looking for discounted swim gear for a trip to the pool–Groupon is likely to have a great deal for you.

Another way to save big online this summer is to use booking sites to reserve your travel and hotel when planning for family vacations. Websites like Expedia and Booking.com offer amazingly low rates on high quality lodging–allowing you to save money on the basics and spend more on the fun stuff like shopping, visiting attractions, and going out to eat in your vacation destination!

For a little summertime retail therapy–look no further than your own laptop! You could get out and drive all the way to the crowded mall to shop for cute and cool summer clothes, or you could sit on your couch eating popsicles and shopping online for even less! Lots of online stores have summertime sales–the kind of all these sales is a Flash Sale! Subscribe to the email lists for stores like JCPenny, Soft Surroundings, Dress Barn, and Cato’s to get instant notification when a sale is announced. Sometimes these online retailers will really make the shopper’s day by giving them a promo code for further discounts or free shipping on top of slashed summertime Flash Sale prices on apparel and accessories for the whole family!

Another way to save money this summer is to find ways to have fun at home instead of paying high prices for activities and attractions. Instead of heading to the movie theatre every weekend, utilize Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, and other video streaming sites that cost a fraction of a movie ticket only once a month. They have the largest selection of movies and TV shows, it will be easy to find something the whole family can enjoy together! Organize family game nights, arts and crafts projects for the kids, and backyard pool parties to keep the heat bearable and your family close! Saving money has never been so fun and easy!

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December 21

How to Save Money on Clothes

If you are a single parent on a tight budget, you may be interested in how to save money on clothes. While you do have lower cost purchasing options such as thrift stores and yard sales, another way to reduce your clothing budget is to use items you already own. You probably have a pile of outfits that need mending, have stains, or are otherwise not wearable. Consider the following tips below to get more use out of your apparel.

“How to save money on gas?”

First, get up-to-speed on stain removal. If your normal methods such as a spray remover do not work, look on the internet for other suggestions depending on the type of stain. And, look up ratings on various products as many are ineffective.

Another option for stained or discolored areas is hiding the spot. Liquid correction fluid can work well on if you can find a fluid that closely matches the garment’s color. Permanent markers or fabric paint can work, too. You may also want to try permanently dying the garment to another color although sometimes the discolored area will not dye to the same color as the rest of the item.

Learning basic sewing skills can be a huge help so that you can mend or hem as needed. Depending on the location of a discolored area, an applique can sometimes be placed on top to hide it. For female apparel, lace can be applied to the ends of sleeves or hemlines in order to provide length. Sometimes, there is room to shorten a clothing item to remove a hole or stain from view. Remember to cut off old pairs of slacks that still fit to make shorts. If you do not sew, you can use fabric tape for hemming although you may have to reapply it occasionally. For expensive items, paying for tailoring may be cost-effective.

Hand-me-downs may not be popular, but they are a good way to stretch your dollars. Some garments can work for both males and females, so do not assume that you can’t hand down clothes that your son wore to your daughter. If your children are older and end up wearing a larger size than you, wear their hand-me-downs when the look isn’t
too trendy for your age.

Be sure to keep aside at least one outfit per person that can get dirty. Then, you don’t have to worry about outfits getting ruined when your kids paint or when you are doing yard work.

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December 19

How to Save Money in San Francisco

San Francisco may not be a huge city, but it sure can be an expansive one. Lucky for most travelers, there are a few ways how to save money in San Francisco when vacationing there with the family. Here are a few low-cost sightseeing options to explore:

  • The San Francisco Art Institute at 800 Chestnut Street is a great (and free) place to explore a variety of artwork done by the students.
  • Pet Central in Chinatown, located at 660 Broadway is a huge pet store that specializes in fish. For children who love the aquarium, this is a wonderful substitute that doesn’t cost a dime.
  • The Golden Gate National Recreation Area, is a great place to explore, with hundreds of hiking and biking paths, beautiful beaches and the Sutro Baths ancient ruins and the Giant Camera Obscura found on Pint Lobos Avenue. This unique giant camera actually allows visitors to walk into it and see images form the inside.
  • The Historic Street Cars on Market Street offers a great selection of historic street cars form around the world to view and ride. This is a fun way to learn all about the history of street cars and see the different styles that other countries have used over the years.

Visiting these low or no cost attractions is just one way how to save money in San Francisco. In addition you can book an all-inclusive vacation with lodging, food and fun included; scour the internet for special deals; buy a CityPass for cheaper museums admittances and more.

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December 18

How to Save Money When Learning

What is the best way to learn a new language without spending a fortune on it? Is there any way to do it? Of course! You can learn a foreign language even for free and I’m going to show you how. Here are three tips.

1. Use the Internet

There are dozens of free websites for language learners. You can simply Google “[your target language] free lessons” and you should find something useful. Use the Internet not only to find free lessons, but also to find language partners, to interact with native speakers, to listen to music, watch videos and to read articles, blogs or e-books written in your target language.

2. Language exchange

There are many people who want to learn a foreign language in exchange for their native language. It’s very simple – find a pen pal (you can use sites such as Polyglot Learn Language or Lang-8) and use Skype to communicate. A private tutor for free – how cool is that? The best idea is to learn at least some basics of your target language and then look for pen pals – it will be easier to communicate.

3. Travel

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive (there are many cheap flights) and it’s the best way to practice your new language. If you move to a country in which your target language is spoken, you can learn it even in a few months!

The key is immersing yourself – speak at every opportunity, make friends, explore a new city. Don’t be scared of speaking!

That’s it – three simple tips on how to save money when learning a new language. Learning languages doesn’t have to be expensive – just put these tips to use. Good luck!

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December 17

How To Save Money On Gas

If you have been keeping up on the news around your town and the world, you will realize that gas prices are not going down anytime soon. People rely on their cars to get everywhere and with the rising prices of gas they are starting to cut down on things they love to do because they need to save money. I want to show you how to save money on gas and it is easier then you think.

The secret begins with water

You always hear that water is the basis of all life, so why can’t it be the key to you saving money on gas as well? There is a new do it yourself system out that will show you how you can double your mileage by making your car run on water as well as gas. This will system can actually allow your car to double the mileage that you are used to getting.

Is it safe…

If it wasn’t safe I wouldn’t be telling you about it. But really, not only is it safe for your car but it is also safe for the environment as well. We all know and have heard about how car pollution is hurting the environment and contributing to global warming. Don’t you want to feel good about yourself knowing that your car is environmentally safe and that you are doing your part to stop global warming?

It’s easy to install

This breakthrough water and gas system is easier to install then you may think. No matter what car you have, you will receive detailed instructions on how you can put this to use in your car. The sooner you make the choice to look into the water and gas system, the sooner you can start saving money!

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November 16

How to Save Money on Gas

If you have been asking yourself how to save money on gas, this article will assist you with some answers. The highest cost to run a car is gasoline. Gas prices are the highest nowadays because of high global crude oil prices. Our options are either use a new form of transportation or use the current energy source more efficiently. To be more efficient, one of the most unique solution is to modify your car to run on water.

The idea of using water as an alternative source of energy is not new. Mankind has been using the potential power of water to generate energy through dams. To use water to power your car is to extract the hydrogen gas (H2) and divert it into the air intake of the engine. The extraction process is done through electrolysis.

An electrolysis device can easily be construction with parts available from a hardware store. A person with some technical and mechanical knowledge will be able to install the H2 system without much difficulty. The hydrogen is know as an “on demand” system meaning you only enable the electrolysis process when needed. When your car is idle, you can switch it off. The whole conversion is totally reversible and the only by product of the system is pure water discharged from the exhaust pipe.

After installing the system, some drivers claimed that their gasoline savings are as much as 20 percent. They also experienced less knocking of the engine and more power. This may be due to hydrogen gas being a highly flammable element.

If you own more than one car in your family, the effects of high gasoline prices is even greater. To keep to your monthly household budget, you can either travel less or be more efficient with your current energy usage. By using water as an alternative source of fuel, you have the potential to save thousand of dollar a year.

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November 16

A Guide on How to Save Money

So you want to know how to save money on energy bills? Well, the first and most popular way people tend to inflate parts of an energy bill is excessive ignorance. It’s simple. People are ignorant when they drive, when they use certain systems at home, and when they use energy in general. The very first thing you must conquer is the amount of energy you do. The mindset is where it starts.

Once you have that, all of this will be much easier. You know how much you use and where you need to cut some off. Now try to slowly restrict about 80% of your energy usage. A good amount would be no air conditioning, no television (books are good enough), no lighting during the day, and no unnecessary electricity usage. It sounds very mean or strict, but trust me it’s worth it.

A second way to save money (but put the stress on someone else) is to go to the library. Libraries often have computers and lights running whether or not people use them. It’s a little sketchy, but we’ll call it using what you have at hand.

Another thing you’ll want to invest in is your own solar grid or windmill to capture your own solar and wind energy. Don’t know how? No problem. Earth4Energy can teach you. It’s a guide that shows you more than enough ways to cut your energy costs up to 90% and save you thousands of dollars. You will be able to build your own solar grid and windmill. After reading this guide, it wouldn’t be so hard.

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November 14

How to Save Money on Plane Tickets

If you are truly interested in saving money on airline tickets then you have come to the right place. You see many big travel companies want you to think that they have the lowest rates that you can possibly get, but I am sure you know someone who has gotten an even better deal and you are wondering “how do they do it?” Well here I am about to share with you 3 tips that will show you how to save money on plane tickets like you never thought possible.

1. The first thing that can do is contact the airlines directly to see if they are running any specials that are not being announced to the public. This is not uncommon, as many times airlines will not want to spend the money on advertising such great deals. If you call the hotline just after midnight then you may be able to get some really special deals, since the systems will be recently updated shortly after midnight. This is a great tip that shows you exactly how to save money on plane tickets.

2. Another thing that you can do is see when flights for your destination are leaving. If you find a flight that leaves at a weird hour, then you may have found a great opportunity. Most people want to fly at normal times, so if you find a flight at a weird time chances are you can negotiate with the airlines in order to get a great deal.

3. The best tip that I have found in order to get great deals on airline travel is to know someone on the inside. A former employee can give you many secrets that the public just does not know, and this can save you hundreds of dollars. I found a guide online that showed me to save money on plane tickets, and it can show you too!

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November 13

How to Save Money on Your Bills

I want to Introduce you to something that you are probably not to familiar with. Solar energy! That’s right, energy from the sun! Its funny why we don’t really take advantage of the sun because all of us today could save some serious money on our bills! Let me tell you what it is all about. In this easy to follow step-by-step guide. Absolutely everything is covered! So do not worry if you do not know anything about obtaining energy from the sun.

In the first part of this guide is a real basic explanation on what solar energy is all about. How its obtained, why its so useful and all the components needed. The next part is about how to build solar panels, from functioning them, connecting all the panels together and also wiring but if the word “wiring” starts to sound tough then do not worry because it really isant! Easy & clear detailed diagrams and images are provided so that absolutely anyone can follow them with no problem at all! The next part is a real fun part because these guys have created a solar calculator! You will learn how to calculate how much power you will need to power your house and also learn how to save money!

Now if you thinking “this sounds a little complicated setting up a solar panel?” I can not stress this enough! ABSOLUTELY ANYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD CAN DO THIS! This course is so simple to follow! The guide also provides video training so you can watch real people do it so all you have to do is copy exactly what they are doing! Oh, and there is also fantastic email support if you have any questions!

I almost forgot to mention the bonuses! In the bonuses you shall receive a 7 video package to educate yourself on everything you need about solar power! This is a definite must have for you to complete change your attitude about solar power and how to save money on your bills in the future!

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October 12

Suggestions On How To Save Money

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States and has nearly three million people. It is full of entertainment options, including museums, restaurants, music, and architecture. Unfortunately, going on vacation can sometimes put a big dent in your wallet. Here is how to save money on Chicago attractions.

The best price for something is always free. As crazy as it seems, some of the more fun things to do in Chicago do not cost a penny. The Lincoln Park Zoo offers quite the menagerie for people who are interested in animals, featuring over 200 different species. You can see monkeys, lions, penguins, zebras and more, all inhabiting well constructed homes designed to mimic their natural habitat. The zoo is open year round, and typically closes around five or six but may be open later on the weekend and during the summer.

Also completely free is Millennium Park, which has over 500 events annually. The park is over 20 acres, and on any given day you can find beautiful examples of landscaping, artwork, or listen to a variety of musicians. It is a perfect place to bring the family and enjoy a picnic lunch. On the other hand, you can buy food from vendors on site. The park is open from 6am-11pm.

If you are interested in seeing many different attractions, you might be interested in the Chicago City Pass. This is a pass that you buy that will save you almost half the price of admission on five of Chicago’s top attractions. These include the Shedd Aquarium, the Sears Tower, the Field Museum of Natural History, and your choice between the Adler Planetarium and the Art Institute of Chicago, and your choice between the Museum of Science and Industry and the John Handcock Observatory. If you are planning on seeing five of these places, it is a great deal. It saves kids over $50 and adults more than $70.

For some local Chicago food, check out the Superdawg Drive-In on Milwaukee avenue, where you can get a delicious hot dog with all the trimmings, and fries for about $5. Of course, no visit to Chicago is complete without trying some deep dish Chicago pizza. Try a visit to Uno Pizza on Ohio St where you can feed four or five people for less than $30 with a huge deep dish pizza. They have been making pizzas since 1943, so they have had plenty of practice.

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