August 5

Devices That Improve Fuel Economy Save Money On Gas

If you are not rich then the raising price of gas affects you every time when you go to the gas station.The actual price of 3.5 $ is expected to double next year, because researchers haven’t discovered yet new reserves of oil and the reserves that we have are running low, because we use 2.5 millions of litres of gas every 15 seconds. It’s time to find out how to save money on gas by installing devices that improve fuel economy.

So what are the devices that improve fuel economy?

There are two so called type of devices:

– Conversion to water kits. You can use them on your car and as benefits you can even double your mileage, have a better working engine and of course, you will pollute less. This kind of conversion kits can be build in your garage, because it’s safe and very cheap. With less than 150$ you can have your own kit and you will start saving thousands of dollars every year. If you let’s say improve your mileage with at least 50%, usually the minimum improvement it’s 75%, you will save 1.6$ every gallon that you buy. If you spend let’s say 500$ on gas every month then your savings will be almost 250$ every single month, and that’s 2500$ yearly.Heck, with this kind of savings you could buy yourself a new car from the local dealer.

– Another possible devices that improve fuel economy are some pills, manufactured somewhere in Florida if i am not mistaking. These pills must be introduced in the gas and they can improve your mileage with somewhere between 5-15% and also they will improve the way your engine works . Compared to the conversion kit it’s very low and the costs of this pills is a bit high but even then you can save 0.3 $ from every gallon that you buy.

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