October 10

How to Save Money

How to save money. It’s on almost everybody’s mind almost all the time. Everybody loves a bargain. Everybody wants to know how to save money.

Did you know that a price tag is only an invitation by a seller for you to purchase at the advertised price? You can ALWAYS negotiate a price on anything – especially if you are dealing in cash.

Merchants have to pay credit card companies a commission when customers use credit cards to purchase goods and services. This surcharge is usually somewhere around 2% to 3%. So, that is always a good starting point if you are dealing in cash. You should easily be able to get at least a 5% discount if you are paying cash. And if you are a good negotiator then up to 10% is often available.

Here is a KEY point – if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Whenever a store employee or owner states “NO DISCOUNT” just say: “Fine.” Then start to walk away. That often gets a reaction like: “Wait a moment. I’ll see what we can do.”

Like I said – if you don’t ask you don’t get. So… ASK! It costs absolutely NOTHING to ask. If an item is priced at $250 and you can negotiate a 10% discount then that $25 is better staying in your pocket.

REMEMBER – EVERYTHING is negotiable.

There are all sorts of ways for you to learn how to save money. This method is seldom used because most people are too embarrassed or too timid even to ask. And as I have already said twice…

If you don’t ask you don’t get!

You should make it your goal to learn how to save money by every method possible because a dollar saved is worth MORE than a dollar earned. Think about that and you’ll realize the truth in it.

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