September 6

How to Save Money and Get Discount Car

Car insurance can be very expensive, especially in Virginia. That’s not surprising; one typical policy in Virginia can cost several hundred dollars a month. It doesn’t stop there; the premium can go up depending on the driver’s age, record and several other factors.

Driving without insurance in Virginia is not an option. Under Virginia’s state laws all drivers are required to have at least some kind of liability to coverage. Since car insurance is expensive and a “must have” than it’s important for you to save money and take advantage of every discount available.

How to Save Money and Get Discounts:

1. Shop around. First of all things you should shop around. Have an open eye and look into different insurance policies. Get at least three or four insurance quotes. If you really want to save more than get more insurance quotes.

2. Do your research and find what kinds of discounts are available.

Combination discounts – 10 -20% can be taken off your premium if you insure both your home and your car with the same insurance company.

Fine Student Discount- If you are a good student in school and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher than you can be eligible for a discount up to 25%.

Retirement Discount- If you are retired or will be retiring soon you’ll be driving less, which decreases accident chances and this can bump money off your premium.

Loyalty Discounts- If you plan to stick with the insurance company for more than a year you can get a big discount.

There are definitely plenty of more discounts out there in Virginia. It’s up to look into them so you can save money.

3. Maintain a good driving record. If you have a clean driving record insurance companies in Virginia will likely give you a good discount off your premium. Why? Because accidents are likely to occur, which means the less they have to pay.

These are some ways you can save money and get discount car insurance in Virginia. Look at there and take advantage of all the discounts possibly open to you.


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