December 21

How to Save Money on Clothes

If you are a single parent on a tight budget, you may be interested in how to save money on clothes. While you do have lower cost purchasing options such as thrift stores and yard sales, another way to reduce your clothing budget is to use items you already own. You probably have a pile of outfits that need mending, have stains, or are otherwise not wearable. Consider the following tips below to get more use out of your apparel.

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First, get up-to-speed on stain removal. If your normal methods such as a spray remover do not work, look on the internet for other suggestions depending on the type of stain. And, look up ratings on various products as many are ineffective.

Another option for stained or discolored areas is hiding the spot. Liquid correction fluid can work well on if you can find a fluid that closely matches the garment’s color. Permanent markers or fabric paint can work, too. You may also want to try permanently dying the garment to another color although sometimes the discolored area will not dye to the same color as the rest of the item.

Learning basic sewing skills can be a huge help so that you can mend or hem as needed. Depending on the location of a discolored area, an applique can sometimes be placed on top to hide it. For female apparel, lace can be applied to the ends of sleeves or hemlines in order to provide length. Sometimes, there is room to shorten a clothing item to remove a hole or stain from view. Remember to cut off old pairs of slacks that still fit to make shorts. If you do not sew, you can use fabric tape for hemming although you may have to reapply it occasionally. For expensive items, paying for tailoring may be cost-effective.

Hand-me-downs may not be popular, but they are a good way to stretch your dollars. Some garments can work for both males and females, so do not assume that you can’t hand down clothes that your son wore to your daughter. If your children are older and end up wearing a larger size than you, wear their hand-me-downs when the look isn’t
too trendy for your age.

Be sure to keep aside at least one outfit per person that can get dirty. Then, you don’t have to worry about outfits getting ruined when your kids paint or when you are doing yard work.

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