August 2

How To Save Money On Gas

Increasing fuel charges and associated monetary issues are almost inevitable, if a concrete answer to ‘how to save money on gas’ question is not immediately figured out. The term concrete answer has essentially been highlighted because vague solutions are already available. For instance, one of the top answers to how to save many on gas query suggests driving less and walking more. This would not only be inexpensive but would also be healthy. So next time you schedule an important meeting, do not forget to incorporate the time it would take to walk down. Another option is to manage a carpool, even if that mandates being with your clumsy neighbour, you would otherwise not even like to look at, leave aside travelling along.

Or there is another way out, you could use water as fuel and save on the escalating gas prices. In this schema, the water would help run the engine and thus ensure that the drive to the fuel station would be less occasionally required. An engine running on water & fuel, not only saves on the corresponding fuel charges, but also nurtures, pollution free environment. And this holds substantial grounds at least until the time, water is inexpensively available.

How would it happen?

If the ‘how to save money on gas’ query has been replaced by the ‘how would it happen’ question, this section could help. In this methodology, water is broken to its original form i.e. HHO (hydrogen), to release extra energy, which is then used together with gas to run the car. The stated can be done by you, with the help of tap water and few readily available components. The existing battery and engine would suffice. The system to work would essentially require installing a water tank, control circuit, gauges, fittings and few more such gears.


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