November 14

How to Save Money on Plane Tickets

If you are truly interested in saving money on airline tickets then you have come to the right place. You see many big travel companies want you to think that they have the lowest rates that you can possibly get, but I am sure you know someone who has gotten an even better deal and you are wondering “how do they do it?” Well here I am about to share with you 3 tips that will show you how to save money on plane tickets like you never thought possible.

1. The first thing that can do is contact the airlines directly to see if they are running any specials that are not being announced to the public. This is not uncommon, as many times airlines will not want to spend the money on advertising such great deals. If you call the hotline just after midnight then you may be able to get some really special deals, since the systems will be recently updated shortly after midnight. This is a great tip that shows you exactly how to save money on plane tickets.

2. Another thing that you can do is see when flights for your destination are leaving. If you find a flight that leaves at a weird hour, then you may have found a great opportunity. Most people want to fly at normal times, so if you find a flight at a weird time chances are you can negotiate with the airlines in order to get a great deal.

3. The best tip that I have found in order to get great deals on airline travel is to know someone on the inside. A former employee can give you many secrets that the public just does not know, and this can save you hundreds of dollars. I found a guide online that showed me to save money on plane tickets, and it can show you too!

Posted November 14, 2016 by mimin in category "Finance